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Student Takeover Blog! Not So Hidden, Hidden Gems on Our Library Website

by Library News on 2022-11-18T09:01:22-08:00 | 0 Comments

Not So Hidden, Hidden Gems on Our Library Website

There's a few things about our website that we wanted to share with you all. Why, you may ask? It is because these are resources that we recommend to people on a daily basis at the information desk! Believe us, there's a reason for it. Our web page is a home to so much research, answers to questions, and yes (even more resources 😱 ).

  • Website Search
    • At the bottom of the Page on the Library homepage
    • Includes:
      • A search bar to find anything you need on the Library's website
      • A link to the Library Book/Article Catalog
      • A link to our online databases! (Really useful for research)
      • Another quick access to the librarian 24/7 chat

Don't you just love website search bars? It completely removes the 20 minutes of searching through a website, and not being able to find the one thing you need with the click of a few buttons. It is a really beneficial tool on our website and you should use it if you need assistance navigating the Library website.

  • Library OneSearch/Catalog
    • In the Middle of the Library Homepage
    • Search For
      • In Person Books
      • Online
      • Articles
      • Course Reserves
      • Subject Guides
      • + Advanced Search

The Library OneSearch is the catalog database of all of the resources, books, and information the library holds. This is what makes us a Library, and how to navigate the informational resources at the Core. You can find books you want to read for fun, or for a class. Utilize this!

  • LibGuides
    • Click the "Research by Subject" button on the homepage
    • Includes
      • Individual guides written by librarians to cover specific research topics
      • Provides links to different databases, associations, and research articles
      • Some LibGuides include more than just research related, for example the Wellness Guide provides resources for physical and mental wellness

Lib Guides are collections of resources provided by Librarians, and occasionally student ambassadors, to provide you with the most support possible. They are one stop guides for any subject you may be interested in, check them out!

We wish you the best CSUEB students. You are all wonderful people, who will do wonderful things. Be like Dwight Schrute (any office fans), "I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me." Point being, you can beat anything coming your way, and maybe you'll do it with the help of our library! Thank you for reading. (PS. You really should check some of these things out!)

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