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Student Takeover Blog! Intro + Events

by Library News on 2022-11-15T08:52:32-08:00 | 0 Comments

Hello CSUEB students!

Welcome to the Student Takeover Blog! Where every once in a while, student library ambassadors get to write directly to you, the students, on the library news page. This includes events or resources you might enjoy or benefit from at the Library.

Who are Student Library Ambassadors? We are a team of students dedicated to community engagement, creating resources to benefit students/staff/faculty, and supporting those with questions or concerns at our lovely information desk on the first floor of the Core. That's only a fraction of the type of projects we work on here at the library, but it's enough to give you an idea about the people writing to you now!

Here’s the deal, it's almost the end of the semester and we know you're feeling the pressure of finals, deadlines, and all that coffee sitting at the bottom of your stomach😅. Let us help you! We're giving you this one stop shop with all of the Core library resources that can help you make your way to the end of the fall semester.

Events & Activities Core/SCAA

Here is a list of events that the Library is hosting up until the end of the semester. These events are for your benefit, so please take advantage of them. They provide things like information that will help you, opportunities to meet people, a time to relax during your day, and of course a lot of these events include ✨free stuff ✨ especially free information! A feature we all know and love so please come by!

(In order by Dates/Times)

  • MLA In 30 Minutes or Less! Gr Keer
    • Tuesday from 12:15-1:15pm, 11/15/22
    • In-Person at the Core 338 Quail Room, or online

Citing your sources correctly may be one of the biggest pet peeves students have. If you have an MLA paper or final coming up soon, attend this workshop and make sure your work is in great shape.

  • Motivation & Goal-Setting/ Finding Focus: SCAA
    • Wednesday from 12:15pm 1:15pm, 11/16/22
    • Online

Believe us, you're not alone in the procrastination or burnout game. School is really, really hard! Nevermind school + work + extracurriculars! In this workshop, you'll be discussing ways to find focus and make goals for yourself. How can you move from the couch to your computer? We don't really know🤭, but hopefully you'll figure it out if you attend this workshop!

  • Let's Talk About Graphic Novels!: Lee Adams
    • Thursday from 4pm-5pm, 11/17/22
    • Online

This is one, in a series of workshops called "Burnout Busters." Engaging in activities that aren't school related can help you relax, free yourself from stress, and become more motivated to finish that assignment you were dreading to work on! Especially if you're a comic book lover or admirer.

  • Need help quoting, citing, finding articles, or writing your paper? Drop in! Librarians & Writing Tutors
    • Tuesday from 12:15pm-1:15pm, 11/29/22
    • Online

This in person drop-in time is a good event if you have an upcoming paper that you need feedback on…really soon! Take advantage of this one-on-one consultation with an expert!

  • The Librarian is In the Fishbowl: Daisy Muralles
    • Tuesday from 2pm-4pm, 11/29/22
    • CORE 338 (California Quail Room)

These events are designed to help students on projects or papers in person. This is a useful resource for assignments that you may need to do for your final!

  • Manifestation Vision Boards: Brittany Butler
    • Thursday 12:15pm-1:15pm,12/1/22
    • Core 176 Innovation Hub

It's the end of the semester, come manifest your success and achievements for your upcoming finals and more 💅 ! Art supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring any you'd like to spice up your board.

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