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Love Yourself to the Moon and Back

by Library News on 2023-03-24T13:13:43-07:00 | 0 Comments

Student Takeover Blog: Faith Neuberger, Student Library Ambassador

Hi! My name is Faith and I'm an ambassador for the library, but I'm also a student. I have my fair share of stress and anxiety that comes from being a working & commuting college student. It can be hard to find time, or the energy to take care of ourselves. Our campus tries to do a lot to support the student community by providing resources and events that are "non-academic". Giving ourselves the care we need and deserve is so important to our college experience. Let's go through a few options that Cal State East Bay and the University Libraries provide!

Stress-Management is vital for your wellness. However, not everyone is a master in the art of stress management, unsurprisingly. If you are not one of those people, like myself, visit mindful minutes hosted by Peer Advocates for Wellness and librarian Gr Keer! It's typically a monthly event, so the option is there throughout the semester. Upcoming Mindful Minutes: April 19th 2023, CORE 338 Quail Room.

You can also borrow all kinds of board games, card games, and "lose-your-friends" kinds of games, like UNO 😈. The Library, Recreational Math and CS club, and Mesa have been hosting a monthly game night in the CORE. As a commuter student, I do what I need to do on campus and then all I want is to go home 💅. But, the first time I went to game night, I was able to socialize with people on campus and had a good time – I think you would too. Monthly Game Night: First Tuesday of every month, CORE 338 Quail Room.

If board games aren't your thing, there are plenty of events sponsored by clubs & organizations that want to create environments for you to relax, and destress, take care of your "non-academic" self! Look over BaySync or the Library's event page.

Physical exercise has not been my favorite self-care activity. I haven't been the biggest fan 🤪. However, I have fallen in love with weightlifting, and now have something that I can do to take care of my body and mind, thanks to the Raw Center. The Raw Center has something for everyone, it is a very spacious and clean environment. There is yoga equipment, zumba classes, pilates, weightlifting equipment, and more. Courts to play a friendly game of basketball, tennis, or volleyball. There's also a punching bag, so you can tape a picture of your frustrations on it and do your worst ❤. After the CORE library, the Raw is my favorite place on campus.

Use this free campus gym and all of its resources including non-exercise events and resources such as "Pause for Paws" if you want to pet some puppies, farmers markets, nintendo game events, nutrition workshops, and more! (There's a massage chair 😉) And shout out to the Girls Gains Club! If weightlifting and exercise is something you're passionate about, check out the Girls Gains Club, a group dedicated to creating a judgment free environment and empowering women on their fitness journeys!

My last best recommendation to give yourself a little love on campus is the Zen Garden. Fresh air and a peaceful nature environment can do wonders for yourself. You can go there to eat your lunch, do some homework, or just wind down. It's a beautiful garden located between the Arts and Education building, and the Pioneer Amphitheater. Watch this little video created by ASI highlighting the garden. Upcoming: There will be a Cherry Blossom Festival taking place in the Zen garden this year on the 23rd of March!

Your mind and body comes first so please, in addition to these resources, do activities that make you feel happy or relaxed.

-- Faith

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