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LOEX Conference 2015: Two Information Literacy Concepts Walk into a Bar: Sugar

Video Link

"Sugar" (Last Week Tonight, October 26, 2014) is available from HBO on YouTube:

NOTE: The portion shown at LOEX is from 4:12-6:55

Pre-Clip Activities (from Presentation)

Possible Activities: 

  • Define “conflict of interest”
  • Research The Sugar Association
  • Research Andy Briscoe (President of the Sugar Association)
  • Research James M. Rippe, M.D. 

Post Clip Activities (from Presentation)

Possible Activities: 

  • Compare texts: View the entire interview with James Rippe (on YouTube). Did the piece from Last Week Tonight adequately represent his comments?
  • Critique: Review the conflict of interest statement and conclusion of this study: Mattes et al (2011) Nutritively sweetened beverage consumption and body weight: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized experiments. Obesity Reviews, 12(5), 346-365.
  • Research: Find the original articles mentioned in the piece (from the NY Times and PLOS Medicine). Do the full text of those sources represent what was shown in the piece?
  • Problem-based: Work with a small group to brainstorm alternative funding structures for research studies. Who should pay, and why?

Pre-Clip Activities (Brainstormed by Session Participants)

Notes from all groups at the session: 

  • Authority
  • What do the students know about the issue?
  • Perspective of students from their experience (school, etc.)
  • Who is the ultimate authority?
  • How do I know to believe? Using your common sense, what is the motive behind?
  • Why is sugar bad? Is it?
  • CEOS - who are the players, bias
  • Talk about fructose
  • "Sugar" in quotation marks, dismissive?

Post-Clip Activities (Brainstormed by Session Participants)

Notes from all groups at the session: 

  • bias research
  • peer-reviewed
  • Look at this source - Is it biased in favor of sugar?
  • Corporate vs. independent research
  • What is clamato?