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Biology 1403: Lecture & Lab Resources

Course Guide for Biology 1403

Animal Phyla

Use these photographs to help you study for lab practicals and for identification of examples of different phyla. 

Test Yourself

Use these resources to test yourself on information we study in class. 

Pronunciation Guide

How do you pronounce all these new biology terms and other words that you haven't seen before?  Attached are pronunciation sheets that accompany each section of your lab manual.  As we go through the term and you go through the manual, we'll add more sheets to help you know how to say these words.

More Resources for Study

Here you'll find links to additional resources to help you study. 

Librarian Liaison

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Diana Wakimoto
Fall 2023 & Spring 2024
I am currently on sabbatical and will return in July 2024. Until then, you can get research help via our 24/7 chat or by emailing
Subjects: Biology, History