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Using the Libraries

eBook Textbooks

All the textbooks on this page are available to students for free as library eBooks. For other assigned reading available in the library, check the course reserves list or search the library catalog.

Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Department   Course #   Professor         Title
ANTH 300 HANDWERKER A path appears
ANTH 300 HANDWERKER Exotic no more
ANTH 333 HANDWERKER Lost daughters of China
ANTH 341 WONG English with an accent
ANTH 354 WONG Temple of memories
ANTH 372 HANDWERKER Anthropologist on Mars
BAN 620 RAJAN Data mining for business analytics
BIOL 443 CHASE Clinical hematology
BUS 220 ZUCKERMAN Business law
BUS 320 SHEA Essentials of business ethics
CMGT 480 HOSIER Construction project safety
CMPE 480 TANDON CMOS circuit design, layout and simulation
COMM 202 LAWSON Five moral pieces
COMM 202 LAWSON How to travel with a salmon & other essays
COMM 202 LAWSON Travels in hyperreality
COMM 203 HIGDON Hustle and gig
COMM 260 WHITE Introduction to documentary, third edition
COMM 300 LAWSON Republic
COMM 316 CARDARAS Fear, power, & politics
COMM 320 HUFF Macroeconomics after Keynes
COMM 326 HIGDON Age of surveillance capitalism
COMM 326 HIGDON Algorithms of oppression
COMM 326 HIGDON Alt-right
COMM 326 HIGDON Anti-social media
COMM 326 HIGDON Digital demagogue
COMM 326 HIGDON Network propaganda
COMM 326 HIGDON Zucked
COMM 387 SMITH Hey, Whipple, squeeze this
COMM 387 SMITH White space is not your enemy
COMM 416 RAHMANI-SHIRAZI Using media for social innovation
COMM 417 BROOKS Superbetter
COMM 461 HIGDON Attention merchants
COMM 461 HIGDON United States of distraction
COMM 496 DE LA ROSA Great place to work for all
COMM 696 YOUNG SAGE handbook of conflict communication
CRJ 210 LEPAGE Criminal law
CRJ 370 HILL Justice, crime & ethics
CRJ 410 MARWAH Police innovation
CRJ 450 EMPIE Women and the criminal justice system
CRJ 470 HILL Just mercy
CRJ 475 COPENHAGEN Little book of restorative justice
CRJ 475 COPENHAGEN Restorative justice today
ECON 688 BLUNDELL Mostly harmless econometrics
ENGL 303 RUSTICK It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences
ENGL 324 LYNCH Holder of the world
ENGL 342 HERYFORD Animal's people
ENGL 345 CHESTER (H)afrocentric comics
ENGL 346 GOTTLIEB Angels in america: a gay fantasia on national themes
ENGL 346 GOTTLIEB Cancer journals
ENGL 411 GOTTLIEB Julius Caesar
ENGL 411 GOTTLIEB Merchant of Venice
ENGL 411 GOTTLIEB Midsummer night's dream
ENGL 411 GOTTLIEB Twelfth night
ENGL 436 BARRETT Exit west
ENGL 436 BARRETT In the time of the butterflies
ENGL 436 BARRETT On such a full sea
ENGL 436 BARRETT Year of the runaways
ENGL 444 GUTIERREZ Olive Kitteridge
ENGL 656 ZOU Teaching grammar in second language classrooms
EPSY 654 HAO-ROJAS Career and college readiness counseling in P-12 schools
EPSY 678 PORTER Essential skills in family therapy
EPSY 682 JENNINGS Intro to consultee-centered consultation in the schools
ES 245 CLEVELAND Race matters
ES 302 SALMON Eating the landscape
ES 308 SALMON Ethnobotany
ES 363 LODEN Screening Asian Americans
ES 384 CLEVELAND Half & half
GEOG 355 WOO Pacific century
GEOL 622 CRAIG Petroleum geologist's guide to seismic reflection
HCA 611 VAHIDY Delivering health care in America
HCA 611 WETTER American sickness
HCA 612 STARK Dunn and Haimann's healthcare management
HCA 621 HERNANDEZ Introduction to healthcare quality management
HCA 621 SCHRAM Healthcare quality book
HCA 622 SIDHU Essentials of health information systems and technology
HCA 631 HERNANDEZ Health care finance and the mechanics of insurance and reimbursement
HCA 631 VAHIDY A comprehensive guide to budgeting for health care managers
HCA 631 VAHIDY Health insurance & managed care
HCA 642 FRASER Health program management
HCA 642 FRASER Philanthropy reader
HCA 642 FRASER Winning grants step by step
HDEV 301 GHARIB Social theory
HDEV 311 BORISH We're friends, right? Inside kids'culture
HDEV 321 DREW Punished
HDEV 321 DREW Unequal childhoods
HDEV 321 DREW Unfinished revolution
HDEV 380 HANDWERKER Absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
HDEV 380 GHARIB Listening is an act of love
HDEV 411 CHIN-NEWMAN What's going on in there?
HDEV 412 CHIN-NEWMAN Our babies, ourselves
HDEV 451 WILLIAMS Middle passage
HDEV 453 DREW Beyond loving
HEA 450 STANTON Health communication: strategies and skills for a new era
HEA 450 STANTON INTRO: a guide to communication sciences and disorders
HIST 111 BALDWIN How we got to now
HIST 301 KAATZ Confessions
HIST 366 PARK China, a history
HIST 371 ANDREWS Comanche empire
HIST 371 ANDREWS Liberty's exiles
HIST 371 ANDREWS Sugar & slaves
HIST 382 DUONG City of quartz
HIST 382 DUONG Intimate frontiers
HIST 382 SULLIVAN Living for the city
HIST 383 GARCIA Barrio boy
HIST 383 GARCIA Hunger of memory
HIST 383 GARCIA Mexicanos
HIST 384 GARCIA Ex-friends
HIST 393 ALEXANDER Problems in modern Latin American history
HIST 404 BRUECK Historical thinking and other unnatural acts
HIST 404 BRUECK Thinking like a historian
HIST 477 FRANCOIS Civil War hospital sketches
HIST 477 FRANCOIS Home before morning
HIST 480 KLEIN Baseball's power shift
HIST 480 KLEIN Raceball
HIST 480 KLEIN They bled blue
HIST 488 HIGDON American public education and the responsibility of its citizens
HIST 499 KLEIN California
HIST 600 FORD Border war
HIST 600 FORD Remembering the Civil War
HIST 600 FORD They left great marks on me
HIST 600 FORD Why Confederates fought
HSC 100 COUGHLIN Designing your life
HSC 420 SCHMELTZ Occupational health and safety for the 21st century
HSC 460 ENGELMAN Five days at memorial
HSC 480 MOORE Cadillac desert
HSC 480 MOORE Ghost map
HSC 497 CHEREWICK Health of refugees
KIN 305 LIBERTI Body problems
LBST 201 ELLIS-MARINO First along the river
LBST 499 ELLIS-MARINO American babylon
LBST 499 ELLIS-MARINO Where I was from
MGMT 385 MAKAREVICH Global strategy
MGMT 601 BAGWELL Energize your workplace
MKTG 424 BOK Selling ASAP
MKTG 601 BAGWELL Why we work
MLL 352 GRELLER Japanese mind
MLL 366 LU Cambridge companion to modern Chinese culture
MUS 106C MARSH Blues: very short intro
MUS 304 MARSH Craft of research
MUS 304 MARSH Writing about music
MUS 600 MARSH Music in words
NURS 360 MCCOY Understanding nursing research
NURS 496 WILLIAMS Nursing informatics: scope and standards of practice
NURS 621 BARNETT Applying quality management in healthcare
PA 612 MOON Doing practitioner research
PA 612 MOON Research methods for public administrators
PA 621 BREM Conscious evolution
PA 631 MOON Responsible administrator
PA 631 MOON Understanding & managing public organizations
PA 692 MOON Social construction of reality
PHIL 100 LIN Intellectual empathy
PHIL 311 PAVESICH Ethics of climate change
PHIL 312 BLAIR Bioethics: the basics
PHIL 348 MOREMAN Beyond the threshold
PHIL 355 HALL White fragility
PHIL 361 EAGAN Aristotle: introductory readings
PHIL 361 EAGAN Five dialogues
PHIL 361 EAGAN Symposium
PHIL 371 EAGAN Pedagogy of oppressed
PHIL 371 EAGAN Teaching to transgress
PHYS 108 KIMBALL Power of stars
PHYS 108 KIMBALL Smithsonian universe
PHYS 230 KIMBALL Scientist's guide to writing
PHYS 338 FURNISS We have no idea
POSC 316 LE Housing the city by the Bay
POSC 324 ARAIM Government & politics of the Middle East & North Africa
POSC 373 SARVASY Darkwater
POSC 373 SARVASY Peace & bread in time of war
PSYC 350 REEVY-MANNING Question of God
PSYC 441 LEWIN Developmental science
SLHS 497 HIGBY Bilingualism in schools and society
SLHS 601 HAUGE Language disorders from infancy through adolescence
SLHS 601 HAUGE Treatment of language disorders in children
SLHS 603 KRAJCIN Clinical management of speech sound disorders
SLHS 603 KRAJCIN Developmental phonological disorders
SLHS 608 NA Single case research methodology
SLHS 609 RAMANATHAN Motor speech disorders
SLHS 610 NA Fluency disorders
SLHS 611 GREGOIRE Foundations of aural rehabilitation
SLHS 611 GREGOIRE Fundamentals of audiology for the speech-language pathologist
SLHS 612 NA Counseling in communication disorders
SLHS 694 SIMRIN Hegde's pocketguide to treatment in speech-language pathology
SLHS 696 NA Hegde's pocketguide to assessment in speech-language pathology
SOC 300 MONTES Social theory
SOC 300 PURI Capitalism classical social theory
SOC 300 STEMPEL Capitalism and modern social theory
SOC 340 PURI Why does he do that?
SOC 413 SANCHEZ Blackwell companion to medical sociology
SOC 418 CEASER Routledge reader on the sociology of music
SOC 423 LIN Social movements reader
SOC 460 GUCKENHEIMER Cohabitation nation
SOC 460 GUCKENHEIMER Respect yourself, protect yourself
SOC 465 IANEVA Mediation theory and practice
SOC 491 CEASER Work as a spiritual practice
STAT 474 KERR Time series
STAT 641 CHATTERJEE Introduction to the bootstrap
SW 601 WOODS Privilege: reader
SW 621A RUBY Child Welfare Challenge
SW 622A GUSTAVSON Cognitive behavior therapy
SW 622A GUSTAVSON Craft of family therapy
SW 689 TAYLOR Effective grant writing & program evaluations
SW 689 TAYLOR Handbook of practical program evaluation
TED 531 SOTO Piecing me together
TED 543 ENGDAHL Studio thinking 2
THEA 100 FLORES Water by the spoonful
THEA 244 JACOBS Projected fears
THEA 351 ANI Actions: actors' thesaurus
THEA 351 ANI Make your voice heard
THEA 351 ANI Practical handbook for the actor
THEA 432 KAUFMAN Antigone
THEA 432 KAUFMAN How I learned to drive
WOST 301 WILLIAMS Gender in the workplace
WOST 301 WILLIAMS What works for women at work
WOST 403 FERRARELLO Dialogue & difference