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Technology In the Library: FAQ'S

Presents additional information about student websites and technology tools.

Call Learning Commons' hot line with your questions

The Library Learning Commons desk phone number and email address are listed on the CSUEB university libraries' website or refer to our Home page for any questions related to Blackboard, Horizon e-mail, problem with MYCSUEB or reset your Net ID password. The Learning Commons helpdesk staffs are more than happy to help with answer/solutions.

Frequent Asked Questions from students

1. NetID and password issues, usually password did not work?

2. How to submit/upload documents/assignments on discussion board?

3. How to issue a service desk ticket?

4. How to take online examination?

5. How to access assignment submission tool (Turnitin)?

6. How to send e-mail to whole group in your class through blackboard?

7. How to access course material on blackboard?

8. What to do when Blackboard Logs-off during test?

9. How to view grades on Blackboard?

10. I am an Open University student and i can't see my online Blackboard test or how can i get access to Blackboard?

11. How can I create e-portfolio?

12. What browser is most compatible with Blackboard?

13. How do I delete a thread from Blackboard?

14. How do I create and modify a wiki page?

15. How will I check my Test Grade?

16. How to check the details of the submitted Assignment?

17. How to check if my Assignment was submitted in Turnitin?

18. How Can I resubmit my assignment in Blackboard?


For Further Queries Contact the Library Learning Commons at 510-885-4152