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Technology In the Library: MYCSUEB

Presents additional information about student websites and technology tools.


Cal State East Bay's online self-service system where you can access your accounts and balances, course enrollment, grades, holds, and financial aid. You can also view the class schedule and make payments on your account. If you need assistance, visit the Help page for FAQs and online demos.

Log-in Instructions

  • Go to
  • Enter credentials ( and password).
  • Click on "Student center" to enroll,add,drop,swap classes or to view calss schedule. The student unofficial transcript can also be viewed.
  • To pay fee click on the required fee payment method on the home page. 

The various sections of MYCSUEB are elaborated in the order below:

Net.ID - Issues and Activation


The NetID activation can be done either

  • When it is being activated for the first time or
  • When the NetID is deactivated

In some cases the password must be reset to avoid security issues. 

The activation code will be sent to your personal email address listed on your student record.

If you can not access your personal email , please fill the Personal Email Update Form.



  • Go to
  • Click on "Activate your NetID" under CSUEB NetID.
  • Enter your NetID and your Last Name.
  • Complete the directions to activate your NetID.


Class Enrollment


  • Login to MYCSUEB and click on "STUDENT CENTER".
  • Click on Enroll which is under Academics.
  • Select the Enrollemnt term (For example Spring Quarter 2015) and click Continue.
  • Enter "Class Nbr" or search for the required class by entering sufficient number of fields (For example Sublect: Computer Science, Course Career: Postbaccalaureate).
  • Click on Search.
  • When a list appears Click on the arrow on the left side of the required course to view the course details. 
  • Click on select to choose the class.
  • Check box on waitlist if full if needed.
  • Choose Credit/Non-credit if needed.
  • Enter Permission Nbr if necessary. 
  • Cick on Next to enroll for the calss.


  • Login to MYCSUEB and click on "STUDENT CENTER".
  • Click on Enroll which is under Academics.
  • Select the term for which a class needs to be dropped (For example Spring Quarter 2015) and click Continue.
  • Click on DROP on the top of the page.
  • Check box the class that needs to be dropped and click on next.


  • Follow the same procedure as above but click on "Swap" instead of Drop.

Class Schedule

This enables to view the class schedule for the required quarter. It can be seen in weekley calender or list view.

How to View:

Login in to MYCSUEB and go to "Student Center".

Under Academics Click on Weekly schedule delow the classes.

Enter the required timing's and click on "refreash calender".

Unofficial Transcript/Final Grades

If you have a NetID and password, students who have attended after Fall 2001 can view and print an unofficial transcript any time through MyCSUEB. Students who attended prior to Fall 2001 will not be able to view their transcript online, but may order a transcript online at Credentials, Inc.


  • Login to MYCSUEB and goto "Student Center".
  • Click on "My Academics" under Academics.
  • Click on "View my Unofficial transcript".
  • Select report type as"Student Unofficial Transcript" and click on go.

Change Personal Information

Various personal information such as mailing address, e-mail address, Emergency contacts and Phone numbers can be viewed or changed here.



  • Login to MYCSUEB and goto "Student Center".
  • Goto "Personal Information".
  • Click on the dropdown that says "other personal".
  • Choose the required field.
  • Edit required information and click on Save.

Fee Payment

MYCSUEB provides various methods of fee payment for local and international students. It can be paid via echeck, debit, credit etc. 


  • Login to MYCSUEB and click on the type of payment required.
  •  If "Pay with Credit or e-check" is selected the system leads to a page that require the credentials.
  • Enter information and follow further instructions as provided.