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Technology In the Library: Library Technology

Presents additional information about student websites and technology tools.


The usage of various Library tools has been elaborated in the order below:


How To use: Library Printer



  • Select your Document to print. Click Print.
  • Change the settings of the print job accordingly (For example, if you want to print one side or double side).
  • Select the Printer (Pioneer Printer BW, Pioneer Printer Color) and click Print.
  • The pop-up message shows up.
  • Enter your NETID as the job name in the dialog box.
  • Password is optional.
  • Go to the printer station where you want to pick-up your print job (The new Pharos system allows you to pick-up ANYWHERE on campus).
  • Swipe your Bay Card OR enter your netID and password.
  • If this is your first time using PHAROS, tap on the screen to register your card with your netID and netID password.
  • Select your document from the job list and press Print.
  • Remember to LOG OFF! (lower right hand corner of the screen).

For more information, please watch the following video, (no audio).

How to Print using Pharos


How to use: Library Scanner

The Scanners are present in the Learning Commons Department in the Library. There are a total of 3 Scanners that are available. To use the scanner the student must visit the "Learning Commons Student Help desk". The "student assistant" at the help desk will assign a scanner. 

Wireless Network Setup

California state University, East bay has two Wifi connections as below:

  • CSUEB: Used by students(Note: and password are necessary to login).
  • CSUEB- Guest

Wireless Access Setup

System Requirements for Wireless Connection (Windows/Mac)

1.Make sure that the wireless adapter is turned ON.

2.Make sure that the machine has an updated Anti-Virus protection.If it doesn't have any virus protection , then a patron must come to the Library Learning Commons to have it installed for free.

3.The campus recommended Virus protection Software : McAfee 8.7i or Avast Antivirus . Both are available for free with one year subscription.

4.Make sure that the Windows Firewall and automatic updates are "ON". If the Windows Firewall is turned OFF, go to Control Panel and turn it ON.

5.Connect to CSUEB connection by clicking on the icon on the task bar (Windows)  or (Mac) .

6.Open the Web Browser , if user wants to use CSUEB University Website, they will be able to access it. However, if the students want to use other websites, the system will ask for NetID and Password.

7.For the first time users to connect to the CSUEB network connection , a dialog box appears showing two options; 'Terminate ' and 'Connect'. Select 'Connect' .

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