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Technology In the Library: Horizon

Presents additional information about student websites and technology tools.


Horizon e-mail system is used to:

  • send and receive messages
  • set forwarding preferences
  • store contacts
  • set up spam filter
  • access from other e-mail programs.


Horizon Login Instructions

Instructions for Horizon Login

1] Go to

2] Enter your Credentials(Your Net-id and password).

3] Click on "Sign in".

4] In case your net-id and password does not work click here.

5] Click here for further instructions.

Note: If you still have trouble using your Net-id and Password you can contact the service desk at

 (510) 885-4152

Horizon Email Setup( for mobile devices- Android / iphone)

To access horizon account on your mobile device, follow the steps as given below :

1.Open the Gmail application on your Android / Iphone. Choose Google Account.

2.Type your complete Horizon email address.

3.It will redirect you to the campus email page and prompt for NetID and password.

4.After entering your NetID and password, Gmail app will sync your newly created student email account.