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INFO 210 (Muralles): Intro to Information Literacy Skills

This guide is meant to accompany the following course: Introduction to Information Literacy Skills (INFO 210) taught by Prof. Daisy Muralles.

About INFO 210

This guide is intended to be used by students enrolled in the following course: Introduction to Information Literacy Skills (INFO 210) taught by Prof. Daisy Muralles for Fall 2021.

  • Course Theme: Listening to Information, Communicating Knowledge
  • Course Description: Students in this course will work collaboratively to create a radio program while we individually discover and learn how to think critically about information sources and knowledge creation around us.
  • Days & Time: Thursday, 11:00AM-11:50AM

This is a 1 unit course that can be taken in part to fulfill GE Area E - Lifelong Learning and Self-Development G.E. / G.R. requirement. Want to join the class or switch sections? Look in the catalog for "INFO" courses to explore more.

INFO 210 Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Determine appropriate information sources for a specific information need
  2. Effectively access appropriate information sources
  3. Critically evaluate found information sources in context of specific information need
  4. Effectively use information sources both in and outside the classroom
  5. Understand and apply information ethics appropriately in context of situation

Course Description

This course explores the many ways in which we may understand information and knowledge around us. Students in this course will draft a research proposal to pitch a community story to their group. The story selected will be collaboratively refined and checked to create an audio piece that is featured in a community radio program. In this process, we will discover and learn how to think critically about information sources and knowledge creation around us. Our investigations into information and knowledge creation, consumption and production will help us learn how to explore, find, evaluate, use, re-use, and share information and knowledge sources.

  • Fall 2021 INFO-210-01 Syllabus
  • Fall 2021 INFO-210-01 Schedule
  • Fall 2021 INFO-210-01 Project Plan
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