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How to Use Leganto

This guide describes how faculty can set up and use Reading Lists in Blackboard with Leganto.

Cal State East Bay Documentation

1. All Fall 2020 courses have been activated in Leganto. Please email Gr Keer ( if you would like support with setting up your reading list. Include the course title and the course number in your email. For example, in the example below the course title is Intro to Info Literacy Skills and the course number is INFO 210-04.

2. Log in to the Blackboard course for which you want to create a Reading List.

3. Choose or create an area in your course for the Reading List to live, such as Course Materials.


4. Click Tools > More Tools > Leganto to create a Leganto link.

5. Click on the title of the link you just created to launch the Leganto dashboard.

6. Click Create It to build your list. (If you are importing an already existing Leganto Reading List, you can choose Upload, but this is rare.)

7. Give your Reading List a title and a description and then click Create.

8. Next, Leganto asks you to choose a template. Currently, there are no templates available so click Blank.

9. To link this Reading List to your desired course, click Associate List. You can also opt to do this later by clicking Not Now. If you haven’t emailed to request Leganto be turned on for your course, choose Not Now.

10. To start adding items to your list, click New Section, fill out the details, and then click Create:

11. Next, click the plus sign to add items to the section:

12. This opens up a search panel. You can Search for Library resources:

13. You can also Create a citation for an outside source and upload a PDF if you have it:

14. Once you have populated your list with as many sections and readings as you want, click Send List to submit your list to the Library.

15. You will receive an email within a week that your list is now available. Go back into Leganto and click on the menu with the three dots next to Edit to publish the list for your students.


16. If you have any questions about setting up your Leganto list, please contact Gr Keer at, or Andrew Carlos for technical support at