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Open Access

Overview of Open Access at Cal State East Bay

Open Access Week Student Competition Winners

2nd Annual Open Access Week 2021 Student Competition Winners

[!!!! Winners Pending !!!!] Learn how you can participate!

Inaugural Open Access Week 2020 Student Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Open Access Week 2020 Student Competition and all those who voted on their favorite submission!

OA Week 2020 Highlights

Open Access 2020 Student Competition

Open Access and Paywall Stories by Cal State East Bay Students.

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The World With Open Access

“I just want to write this letter to you stating how the world will be such an amazing place to live in with open access being available for everyone. As a student, it is hard to read all these articles on the databases only. I can imagine being in a world where I am able to access it from everyone and on the go. For instance, while driving and having it being read to me. Having billboards or signs everywhere to read the articles for my experiment for class or research that I need to do.” … -  Excerpt from a letter to Research Companies regarding “The World with Open Access” by Zandrae L. Chan

My Paywall Struggle

My Paywall Struggle

“... I knew that this would be the best source to make my presentation to the class. When I clicked on the website to read more about the article, it told me I had to pay for it. There was a monthly subscription I had to sign up for. I was devastated and very upset. I tried looking for other resources, but I could not find anything else like it.” - Tenaja Jefferson, when describing a Paywall Struggle


“I often [get] hit by paywall websites; obviously, the experience was not good because you have to pay to have access to the information." - Anonymous

Academic Research should be Publicly Available

“People observed the price of subscribing to these journals increased by 250% in the last thirty years. There were problems that students started encountering with access to the journals that had a dramatic effect on the education of students. It’s an even bigger struggle for low-income countries to have access to journal articles. Having the knowledge distributed is better than having the knowledge restricted.” - Aileen advocating that “Academic Research should be Publicly Available”