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INFO 210 (Muralles): Intro to Information Literacy Skills

This guide is meant to accompany the following course: Introduction to Information Literacy Skills (INFO 210) taught by Prof. Daisy Muralles.

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This guide is intended to be used by students enrolled in the following course, Introduction to Information Literacy Skills (INFO 210) taught by Prof. Daisy Muralles. But even if you are not enrolled, I hope you find something interesting!

  • Course Theme: Listening to Information, Communicating Knowledge
  • Course Description: Students in this course will work collaboratively to create a radio program while we individually discover and learn how to think critically about information sources and knowledge creation around us.
  • Days & Time: Thursday, 11:00AM-11:50AM

This is a 1 unit course that can be taken in part to fulfill GE Area E - Lifelong Learning and Self-Development G.E. / G.R. requirement. Want to join the class? Check the catalog!

How to Use this Library Guide

Use the side menu to navigate this guide. The side menu is visible on all pages of this guide. On this page you will also find my contact information. Use the "Email Me" button to send me an email message regarding INFO 210 course work or any info help. Be sure to include "Spring INFO 210 - [other text]" in your subject line. If you prefer to chat live, use the Schedule Appointment button to set up a time to meet 1-1 (note: these are 30 minute appointments). 

The guide is organized in two sections: "Listening to Information" & "Communicating Knowledge." You will find links to materials in the library catalog, websites, other guides, or other content that is available online. If you find a link that does not work. Feel free to email using the "Email Me" button with the following subject line "Spring INFO 210 - LibGuide link" - THANK YOU in advance for your help keeping this guide up to date! :D

Quick Library Links

The "Quick Library Links" listed below are some library links that I find myself using often. Feel free to bookmark! You will also see a search bar for "Search FAQs" - this does a search on some helpful how-to's about library services, i.e. request a textbook chapter scan, book a seat at the library, how to do a journal search.

To do a search in the FAQs search bar, I recommend using short simple phrases. For example, if you need information about returning a book to the library, search "return book" and browse through the results to locate the instructions you need.