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Instructions for Searching Reservations

Searching for Resources

There are three ways to search:

  • Find Text in Reservations

From the home page, click on Find Text in Reservations. Search reservation titles for specific text. Select your criteria and press the Search button to retrieve the results.

  • Searching Availability of a Resource

From the home page, click on Display Resource Availability. The return list will include the date, resource and the available time of the selected criteria. Results will be returned for each date in the range selected and show the availability of each resource.

Clicking the Day View icon shown after the availability information will display the day view for the resource and date selected.

  • Searching Resource Activity and Searching Reservations

From the home page, click on Display Resource Activity. This can be used to view all reservations for a particular item. When you search resource activity, the results of the search includes the date, resource, title and description, plus any

reservation characteristics (like special setup instructions etc.).

Each reservation shown has a link to its Reservation Detail page so you can view more information about that reservation.

The other criteria you can select (date or time, etc.) apply to either activity or availability. The start date and end date are required for searches. All other fields

are optional. If capacity is not an issue, simply leave it at zero.

Search for all resources, or search in a specific location, group or resource.

Last Updated 05.07.09

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