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Instructions for Creating Reservations

Creating Reservations for a computer lab

  • Go to the url and log in.
  • Click on Reservation Wizard
  • If you know which room you want, select that particular college under Scope, else select All Locations. (If you get a warning message about script timeout error when you select All Locations, ignore it.)
  • Under Resource Type, select Computer Labs.
  • If you need a room with a particular capacity, enter it in the box, else leave it at 0. It is recommended you leave it at 0.
  • Select your starting date, start and end time.
  • Select Recurring frequency
  • Check the box for Only Available Resources and click Next.


  • If you had selected a particular college and no rooms are available, press Return and modify your selection.
  • If multiple rooms are available, put in a Description, check the box beside the room you want, select the type of booking and press Submit.


  • You will get a prompt to fill up all required fields. Press OK.
  • Under Options, type in Department, Course #, Section, Professor, # of students. .

  • If this is a recurring reservation, click on the Recurring tab and fill out the information.
  • If you are booking the room on behalf of another person, click on the Request tab and fill out the Requested For section.
  • If you need special arrangements or additional help from the lab administrator like installing special software etc., click on the Addt’l Services tab and fill the Special Arrangements box.
  • If you need help from Classroom Services for additional equipment, click on the

Classroom Services.

  • If you want to publish a reservation so that it is available for all to see, click on the Publish tab. Select the calendars to which you would like to publish your reservation. Click Submit to publish the reservation.

Editing a Reservation

To review information about a reservation or update the reservation, click on the reservation name in the calendar view or search for a reservation using Find Text

in Reservations.

Modify a Reservation

  • Click on the link to the reservation you are interested in.

In the Detailed Reservation Screen, make any necessary changes to the reservation. If any changes are made to the time of the reservation, all users will be notified of the change by email.

Last Updated 05.07.09

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