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Earthquake and Vulcanology

Includes volumes ranging from the 17th century to the present. One of the most important texts, Vesuvius, was published in 1869. An association copy, it is signed by the author, John Phillips, with designation to a specific individual, Charles Liddell. Liddell, a vulcanologist, added a section of his own notes, drawings, and newspaper clippings, and had the book rebound to include his portion. Another component of the larger Vulcanology Collection is the personal library of UC seismologist Don Tocher.

Dates covered: 1669—1990
Language: Mostly English
Collection size: approximately 200 titles
Collection policy: By appointment

Subject (s): Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Earthquakes — California. San Francisco (California.) — Earthquakes and fire, 1906.

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