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Historical Documents on Slavery

A large collection of historical publications and primary-source documents on the subject of slavery in America. This collection includes publications from the late 18th, through the mid-20th centuries, focusing on numerous contemporary materials for 1850-1860 that reveal the raw political tensions around the subject of slavery that led to the Civil War in 1861.

Among the primary sources included are a bundle of handwritten leaves entitled Conveyance and Assignment of Estates, Slaves and Chattels in the Island of Jamaica, which represent a business arrangement in the year 1834. Several of the leaves are schedules of slave property. The columns list the names of slaves with notations about each.

Dates covered: 1834
Language: Mostly English
Collection size: One bundle of 27.5” x 23” vellum documents

Collection policy: By appointment

Subject (s): Slavery — Jamaica — History.

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