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Harcleroad Exhibit

image of first president, Fred Harcleroad

Welcome to the homepage for the Fred Harcleroad Exhibit.
Fred Harcleroad had a huge interest in audio-visual education and, as such, much of the content contained in this exhibit is in the form of YouTube videos. With the total collection of Harcleroad’s documents recently processed, what you are viewing is a Beta of what the final exhibit will look like. Feel free to explore the site and drop us a line to let us know what you think.

In 1957 a new College was established in the California Bay Area. A man by the name of Fred Harcleroad was appointed to the position of President of the College. Fred Harcleroad was President of the College from 1958 to 1967, during which time he accomplished a great many things including: constructing a college from scratch, creating three Foundations, and implement cutting-edge technology for the sake education.

A man with a deep passion for education, Fred Harcleroad has largely gone unnoticed at the very establishment which he founded. Continue this tour to learn, in his own words, about a man who spent eight years fostering an institution which, in its day, was part of the second largest educational system in the world. This is the story of Fred Harcleroad: The First President of the University.

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Last Updated 05.25.12

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