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Stephanie Alexander
Subjects: Public Administration, Sociology

Tom Bickley
Subjects: Music, Philosophy, Political Science

Jeffra Bussmann
Subjects: Chemistry and Biochemistry, Math, Physics

Andrew Carlos
Subjects: Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Psychology

Dana Edwards
Subjects: Anthropology, Criminal Justice Administration, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Social Work

Kyzyl Fenno-Smith
Subjects: Education, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies

Liz Ginno
Subjects: Art, History, Modern Language and Literature, Theatre and Dance

Doug Highsmith
Subjects: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing

Gr Keer
Subjects: Communication, Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism, Human Development

Sharon Radcliff
Subjects: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing

Aline Soules
Subjects: English, Geography and Environmental Studies

Diana Wakimoto
Subjects: Biological Sciences

Jiannan Wang
Subjects: Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Statistics

Lana Wood
Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing

Last Updated 09.16.16

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