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System requirement for wireless connection

Windows requirements:

  1. Make sure that the wireless adapter is “ON”.
  2. Make sure that the machine has an updated Anti-Virus protection. If it doesn’t have any virus protection then a patron must come to the Library/Learning Commons to have it installed for free.
  3. The campus recommended virus protection software: McAfee 8.7i or Avast Antivirus. They are both free with one year subscription.
  4. Make sure that the Windows firewall and automatic updates are “ON”.  If the Windows Firewall is “OFF”, go to control panel and turn it “On”.
  5. Connect to “TheBay” connection through the left side of the task bar (i.e., bottom-right corner of the screen).
  6. Open the Web Browser, If user want to use CSUEB University Website, they will be able to access. However, if the students want to use other Websites, the system will ask for NetID and Password.
  7. For the first time users to connect to “TheBay” connection, they will be asked to install “Safe Connect”. It is the software to check if the computer has safe condition to pick up the school network. Click here to check Anti-Virus list recommended by “Safe Connect”.

Apple MAC requirements:

  1. Click connection icon on the top of the Window screen and connect to “TheBay” Connection.
  2. Follow the same steps mentioned above in #2, #3, and #7 procedures.

Last Updated 11.01.10

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