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Synchronological Chart of Universal History Exhibit: View the Synchronological Chart

34-foot horizontal wall installation showcasing an elaborate Victorian-era timeline of "Universal" history.

Ways to View the Entire Chart

How can you view the chart now that the exhibit has been taken down?

You have two options:

  • You can use the gallery view of the 1900 revision of the Chart in this Guide, sliding the segments into view, then right-clicking for detail;
  • If you'd like a sharper, more fluid view of the original printing by Adams (which goes to 1877, but also includes illustrations of the U.S. presidents), you might want to visit the David Rumsey Map Collection on the Web, which allows you to zoom in on any part of the chart, and to view it in crisp detail.


Gallery of Invidual Panels - 1900 Revision of the Synchronological Chart - (right-click for closer view of each panel)