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Synchronological Chart of Universal History Exhibit: Exhibit Installation

34-foot horizontal wall installation showcasing an elaborate Victorian-era timeline of "Universal" history.

About the CSUEB Installation

The original Synchronological Chart created by Sebastian C. Adams extends over 23 feet in length, and should ideally be viewed mounted on a wall, so that one can walk the length of the work and appreciate the colorful, intricate detail as it contributes to the entire historical context presented.

For purposes of the CSUEB exhibit, a fold-out chart from one of our books in Special Collections was photographed in sections, married together in Photoshop, then printed on a large-scale printer. The chart was then mounted on sections of foam core and hung in the Library's Upper Mall, coming in roughly at 34 feet in length.

During the 60 months it was on display, beginning in 2010, it was a popular draw; almost any given day we could count on at least a few new people perusing the chart, and would also expect a half dozen "repeat" viewers!

Views of the Installation