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English Language Tutors are available for drop-in hours and by appointment Monday-Thursday 10am - 5pm to provide feedback on your writing, but also to help you continue develop your language learning skills.

In order to see an English Language Tutor, be sure to request specifically for one with the SCAA receptionist by calling (510) 885-3674 or visit us on the second floor of the University Library.

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Is a comprehensive ESL site that has forums, real-time chat, jobs, links, worksheets, flashcards, Flash listening and TOEIC modules, helplines, reading library, games, multilingual support, and much more!

5 Minute English:

Offers a free daily newsletter to ESL students with grammar tips, vocabulary, study advice, short quizzes and more.

Aardvark’s English

Offers a wide range of quizzes and exercises, as well as puzzles, for grammar and listening comprehension.

ABOUT English Grammar Structures and Forms Quizzes and Tests for ESL EFL:

Includes English grammar structures and forms quizzes and tests for beginning, intermediate, upper and advanced level ESL EFL English classes and learners.

ABOUT Travel, Practical Solutions for Every Day Life Listening Quizzes:

Requires Realplayer (or any media player). These are quizzes where you listen to conversation or a single person talking about daily life issues. The listener then answers questions about these segments. Most of the segments are about work issues or involve conversation about travel.


Has materials in two formats: Web-based and interactive, or print-out. Covers Vocabulary, writing, grammar, idioms, and a flashcard library.

Churchill House School of English Language, For Learners:

Has a small section of elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advance grammar quizzes.

CNN Learning Resources:

News stories are accompanied by RealVideo and/or RealAudio; Stories come in original, abridged and outline forms. There are many exercises to check reading comprehension (vocabulary, word selection, multiple choice, sequencing, conclusions) and the opportunity to practice writing reactions.

Commonly-used Proverbs:

Includes an alphabetized list of proverbs, plus crossword puzzles (uses Java) and matching quizzes.

Dave Sperling Presents The ESL Quiz Center:

Includes some grammar quizzes (tense, prepositions, modals, count/noncount, subject/verb agreement, and more), but also quizzes on geography, history, idioms and slang, science, and world culture. Submit answers and the program shows you the correct answer and your score.

Dave’s ESL CafĂ©, List of Idioms and Slang: include strong alphabetized lists of idioms and common slang, plus meanings and examples.

English Grammar Online:

Is a German website that has excellent resources, especially on English verb tenses.

English International:

Includes grammar and vocabulary quizzes, games and exercises, particularly for Business English, plus the possibility to sign up for e-mail English lessons.

English Language Listening Lab Online:

Welcome to ELLLO! On this site you can practice and learn English by listening to English speakers from all over the world, for free. Listening activities come with transcripts, quizzes, pictures, and audio that can be downloaded. ESL Quizzes, Grammar:

Is divided by elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels, including areas such as parts of speech, grammatical terms, contractions, tense, adjectives, and quantifiers.

Includes extensive grammar resources, games, dictionaries, vocabulary, flashcards, chat rooms.

EnglishWorks/Gallaudet University:

See for reading, writing, literature grammar and vocabulary explanations, samples and practice and for traditional exercises: reading comprehension, main idea, details and inferences.

ESL Independent Study Lab: and links to audible pieces for four levels of ESL practice (100 – 400 level).

ESL Independent Study Lab:

Is a very easy-to-use site that includes links to real-life sites that help with everything from pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening comprehension, to grammar. The grammar section is organized by level (100 – 400) includes an incredible number of links to creative and fun sites.

Grammar Bytes:

Has clear explanations for grammar issues and accompanying interactive tutorials. However, the site is a little confusing for the user (the link named “interactive exercise” is actually the printable handout. The links titled “handout” are actually the exercises). Requires Adobe Reader.

Guide to Grammar and Writing:

To find the quizzes, click on the pull down menu under “Ask Grammar, Quizzes, Search Devices,” and click on the “170 + interactive quizzes.” This is a HUGE selection of quizzes, and some are quite creative. This site includes quizzes on stylistic considerations, “notorious confusables,” and structural flaws (comma splices, run ons, etc.). If you choose “Ask Grammar,” you can ask a specific grammar question. “Grammar Log” archives all past questions and responses. It is indexed by topic, so you can search for previous discussions easily.

Houghten Mifflin ESL Ace Practice Tests:

Has tests for Transfer Errors, Nouns and Articles, Verbs and Verbals, Sentence Structure, Prepositions in Idiomatic Expressions, and Frequently Asked ESL Editing Questions. Take the quiz, submit, and then receive your score, as well as explanations for each missed answer.

Karin’s ESL PartyLand, The Quiz Center:

Is organized by Very Easy, Easy, Medium, and Difficult, there are a variety of grammar quizzes (the “Very Easy,” and “Easy” are nicely organized bysetting, like “making dinner,” “girl talk,” “housework,” and “going to a party”).

Learn English with

Includes many fun lessons, exercises, and quizzes on grammar and vocabulary.


This web site is for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities. Even though the primary focus is for ESL, native English speakers may also find some interesting things on this site. This site is non-commercial and has no advertising. TESL/TEFL teachers may want to recommend this site to their students.


English grammar rules organized in an easy-to-follow flowchart format. Part of the website.

Purdue University ESL Resources:

These are actual exercises rather than handouts, but they have to be pasted into a Word document or printed (there is no program in place to evaluate answers-have your tutor work with you!). The site includes articles, appositives, adjectives and adverbs, count and non-count nouns, subject/verb agreement, prepositions, sentence fragments, tense consistency, and a couple of spelling issues.

Self-Study Grammar Quizzes (a project of The Internet TESL Journal):

You can find more quizzes, plus bilingual quizzes in 34 languages! includes several easy, general quizzes to get you used to the quiz structure. Other quizzes include articles, functions, prepositions, cloze, pronouns, sentence structure, tag questions, verbs, sequence, and word choice. If you go the main site,

UsingEnglish. com:

Online English Language (ESL) Quizzes includes quizzes on every conceivable ESL grammar challenge.

UVBC English Language Centre Study Zone:

Is a huge site of ESL quizzes. Choose your level (you may need to do a little searching if you can’t identify your level right away). This site has intermediate to very advanced ESL help on topics of grammar, reading, and vocabulary, for example, help with “it” and “there” at the 200 level. Your score will appear at the top, and the incorrect answers will be erased for you to try again. If you click on “hint,” it will fill in one of the words for you.