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4. Prohibition Against Unauthorized Browsing or Unauthorized Use or Release of Private Information

The University supports and protects the concepts of privacy and protects the confidentiality of personal information maintained in educational or employment records.

  1. Unauthorized Browsing . Because confidential, critical, or important University data or information, intellectual property, or faculty research information may be located in a user’s account or on a personal computer (workstation), unauthorized browsing, alteration or access of email messages or stored files in an employee’s account or on an employee’s workstation or disks is prohibited, even when such files are not password protected. This prohibition does not affect authorized access by a network administrator, computer support technician, or departmental manager where such access is within the scope of that individual’s job duties.
  2. Protected Private Information . University employees who are granted access to personal information protected by privacy laws such as the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) must be trained in, and are required to adhere to, the applicable policies and laws regarding the access or release of private information.

Posted on 03.06.08

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