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Replacement Fees

The patron is billed for replacement after 10 days or reaching the $10 maximum per item.

CSUEB Library accepts payments for replacement print materials or patrons may opt to replace them. Details below.

Charges are as follows:

Print materials [1] (books, gov. documents[2], printed music[3], print course reserves) and Power Cords

  • Cost of Item: $80
  • TOTAL: $80

Media materials, including NIC cards

  • Cost of Item: $100
  • Maximum Overdue Fee: $10
  • Processing Fee: $10
  • TOTAL: $120


  • Cost of Item: $500.00
  • Maximum Overdue Fee: $100
  • Processing Fee: $10
  • TOTAL: $610.00


    • Cost of Item: $75
    • Maximum Overdue Fee: $15
    • Processing Fee: $25
    • TOTAL: $115

    Interlibrary Loan

    • Cost of Item: Assessed on a case by case as replacement cost is set by lending library
    • Maximum Overdue Fee: $10
    • Processing Fee: $10


    If items are returned after reaching the billed stage, the borrower is still responsible for the maximum overdue fee per item.

    [1] Replacement Process for CSUEB Print Materials Option

    If the material is in print and available, please contact Circulation Desk staff prior to purchasing a replacement so we may assist you in the process.

    The replacement must meet the following conditions:

    • it may be hardbound or paperbound; no mass market paperbacks accepted
    • it must be the same edition or a newer edition of the item being replaced
    • it must be a new or good used copy

    The final decision on the acceptability of an item is at the discretion of the library.  After an item is overdue more than 6 months, the replacement option is no longer available.  The $80.00 replacement fee will then be the only option to replace the book.

    If lost items are found and returned after payment, the cost of the item may be refunded. Overdue and processing fees will not be refunded. The following criteria must be met to receive a refund:

    • no more than six months have passed since fees were paid
    • the lost item has not been replaced by the library
    • the lost item has not been withdrawn from the collection
    • patron still has his/her receipt

    [2] Government Document replacement fees will be determined on a case by case basis.

    [3] Music librarian must be consulted regarding replacement of printed music.

    [4] LINK+ fees are determined by the LINK+ Advisory Board. Please contact Circulation Desk staff for information regarding a replacement copy in lieu of payment.

    Library fines and fees may be paid via BayBucks, check or money order.  We do not accept cash, ATM/Debit cards or credit cards.  Payments may be made at the Hayward Campus Circulation Desk up to an hour before closing.

    Failure to pay outstanding fees and/or fines will result in an encumbrance being placed on the patron’s campus records.

Posted on 03.06.08

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