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Payment of Fees

Payment may be made at the Hayward campus circulation desk up to an hour before closing.

Payment must be made in BAYBUCKS, check  or money order. We do not accept cash, ATM/debit card or credit card payments.

Fees may also be paid at Concord campus Academic Services, after obtaining an invoice from the Concord campus library. Receipts are sent to the Hayward library for processing on a weekly basis.

Upon receipt of payment, in full or in part, the payment is recorded and a receipt issued. If full payment is made, any encumbrances are removed from the patron’s record and from PeopleSoft.  A one-time, temporary waiver of encumbrances, allowing students to register, will be issued if one-third or more of the amount due is received. The remaining balance must be paid in full by the following registration period or the encumbrance will be reinstated.

Please note:  Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.

Tax Intercept (Offset)

When a patron owes the university a fee, the State Franchise Tax Board may levy all outstanding fees from his/her state income tax refund. The collected money is disbursed to the university and then to the departments where the fees are due.

If anyone owes the library $10 or more, his/her name is submitted to the State Franchise Tax Board. The library verifies the fees owed, including payments or refunds due, prior to the disbursement of tax offset monies among departments.

Posted on 03.06.08

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