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Paintbrush Diplomacy Children's Art Exhibit: Home

A gallery of children's art collected by the Paintbrush Diplomacy organization over the past several decades. Artwork represents topics ranging from indigenous village life from around the world, to children's impressions of war and events like 9/11.

Show Dates and Location

Exhibit Dates: April 2012 - April 2014

Exhibit Location: CSUEB University Library, Hayward Campus, Lower- and Upper-Mall

Exhibit Promotional Statement

Paintbrush Diplomacy Has Been Sharing Children's Art Worldwide for Over 30 Years

Come to the CSUEB Library UM Alcove and view art from all over the world, and over the decades, as well.

Founded in 1985, Paintbrush travels the world to encourage and enable children's expression through art. In the process, they have amassed a large collection of art that reflects the concerns and imagination of kids everywhere.

Paintbrush Diplomacy promotes peace and understanding through cross-cultural education of children, ages 5 – 18.  By exchanging their art and personal stories with children thousands of miles away, the children begin to understand that we are more similar than different.


Title Poster for This Exhibit

Exhibit Producer & Guide

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Dick Apple
I am available for meetings in the Library by appointment.

Please contact Library Administration by phone (below), or email me (preferred).
(510) 885-3664
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Exhibit Backstory

This particular exhibit installation was the brainchild of emerita CSUEB professor Joan Sieber.

As the new head of the non-profit, Paintbrush Diplomacy, Dr. Sieber was anxious to make the campus aware of the power and importance of children's art to worldwide communication and understanding.

She selected a dozen representative paintings from the PBD Collection, and we hung them in the former UM Librarians' Alcove. At the same time, she launched an online version of the larger collection of children's art - the Paintbrush Diplomacy Online Children's Teaching Museum - which is still evolving.

- DA


Producers: Richard Apple, Joan Sieber
Concept and Content Development: Joan Sieber, Richard Apple
Poster Art: Noah Apple
Text and Content: Richard Apple
Archival Support: Paintbrush

Copyright 2012-2014 by the CSUEB University Libraries