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These tutorials will help you with your research. The tutorials have audio components, so make sure to have the speakers on your computer turned on or your headphones plugged in. Some of the tutorials are closed captioned and marked in the list below. If you see a button that says “cc” in the lower right side of the tutorial’s toolbar, click it to get the closed captioning. The tutorials that do not say “cc” have text boxes that will pop-up after the audio.

Research Help

Abstracts and Annotations
[closed captioned]
(6 minutes)
What is an abstract and how do you write one? How can abstracts and annotations help you with your research?

Topic Development
(10 minutes)
Learn how to develop and refine a topic for your research paper.

Topic Development 2
[closed captioned]
(4 minutes)
Another tutorial to help you learn about topic development.

LC Call Numbers
(13 minutes 58 seconds)
Do you know how to read Library of Congress Call Numbers? Do you know what they mean? Find out here.

Using the Library Catalog
[not captioned]
(12 minutes, 59 seconds)
Learn how to use the library catalog to find books, ebooks, and other materials.

Using Catalog Subject Headings
[closed captioned]
(1 minute 37 seconds)
Do you know how subject headings can increase the efficiency of your research? Find out here.

Finding Reference Sources
[closed captioned]
(2 minutes, 50 seconds)
Learn how to use the library catalog to find reference sources.

Finding Print Reference Sources in the Library
[closed captioned]
(1 minute, 42 seconds)
Learn how to find print references sources in the catalog and then find them in the library.

What’s a Reference Source?
[closed captioned]
(3 minutes)
Think you know what’s a reference source? Then test your knowledge with this interactive tutorial.

Introduction to Databases
(24 minutes 14 seconds)
Learn about the structure of databases, controlled vocabulary and searching databases.

Periodicals and General Databases
[closed captioned]
(18 minutes)
Learn about periodicals and information about databases.

Subject or Discipline-Based Databases
[closed captioned]
(6 minutes)
Know all about general databases? Now you can find out about subject-specific databases which will also help you with your research.

Introduction to Academic Search Premier
[closed captioned]
Short overview of Academic Search Premier and database searching in general.

Periodical Locator
[closed captioned]
(3 minutes 11 seconds)
Using the Periodical Locator to find out where to get full-text articles.

Advanced Formats: Recognizing content on the web
[closed captioned]
(17 minutes)
Learn how to differentiate among different information formats that you may see on the web.

Exploring Information
[closed captioned]
(5 minutes)
Learn about information.

Authority and Source Evaluation
(27 minutes 52 seconds)
Learn about evaluating sources to use for your research.

What is Peer Review?
(16 minutes 36 seconds)
Ever wonder why peer review is important and why your professor wants you to use peer reviewed sources? Find out here.

Citation Help

Citation Puzzle
[closed captioned]
(12 minutes)
Explains why we cite sources and where to find the information you need to cite your sources correctly.

MLA Citation Puzzle
[closed captioned]
(12 minutes)
Guide to citing sources in MLA format.

Decoding Citation
[closed captioned]
(8 minutes)
Learn more about citation.

Library Services

Link+ Demo
[closed captioned]
(2 minutes 8 seconds)
Guide to using Link+ to get books that Cal State East Bay doesn’t own.

Illiad/ILL Demo
[closed captioned]
(2 minutes 47 seconds)
Guide to setting up an Illiad (a.k.a. ILL) account and using Illiad to request full-text articles that Cal State East Bay does not have and books not available in the library or through Link+.

Last Updated 09.28.11

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