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PBS Streaming Videos now available!

The University Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new, online collection of streaming videos produced by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). These films span academic disciplines and include 76 titles including African American Lives, Ken Burns’s Jazz series, and 65 documentaries from the acclaimed American Experience series. All of the videos are closed-captioned, allowing users to control the display of text captioning. To see a complete title list, simply perform a keyword search in the library catalog on the terms “pbs streaming video.”

This excellent collection complements our existing streaming video offerings, and marks a transition to the Flash video format, implemented by Media and Technology Services. This video standard is extremely user friendly, and is commonly used on sites like YouTube and

Acquired in 2008 through a unique funding instance, these films can be watched anywhere you have broadband internet access, including smart classrooms. At home, you can access them via the library catalog. Your NetID and password is required for off-campus login.

Posted on 04.03.09

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