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Student Activism & Activities at the Hayward Campus

tn-lm00-title_panelThe University Libraries showcase student involvement in campus life over the decades. On our walls, and in display cases Spring and Summer Quarters 2015, you can catch a glimpse of the types of activities that have been driven by student participation in campus life.

Images are drawn from the University Archives, the Offices of Student Life and Leadership and University Communications, as well as the Hayward Area Historical Society. Take a look at what’s been going on on campus all these years!

The show runs from March 2015 through September 10, 2015.

Of special note are brief histories of the Vietnam political protests on campus in the years 1967 to 1968, and the tuition protests that took place on campus, first in 1967, then again in 2009-2010.

Other panels trace the development and character of various clubs and social organizations on campus through the decades.

One unusual consequence of the charged political atmosphere on campus in 1967 (the height of the Vietnam War), was the creation of an alternative campus newspaper – The New Dialogue – by students protesting the war (the campus paper of the time – The Pioneer – staunchly supported the U.S. Administration and the war). For this exhibit, many of the issues of The New Dialogue have been enlarged and wall-mounted for a break-out display on the Upper Mall in the Library.


The New Dialogue newspaper display in Library’s Upper Mall:


Wall panels included in this exhibit:

Posted on 03.30.15

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