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Database Updates

Things have been changing with our databases, here are a few updates you all may be interested in.

The biggest change is EndNote – we no longer subscribe to EndNote so please be sure to delete EndNote if you downloaded the software and are still using it.  However, we have alternatives available:

EndNote Library is available through our Web of Science databases and allows you to manage your citations online.
There are also other options, such as Zotero. If you have any questions regarding Zotero, please contact Jeffra Bussmann.


One of our databases has changed names – Grove Dictionary of Music has been renamed Oxford Dictionary of Music. Aside from the name change, you’ll still find all of the same useful materials related to the study of music. Another music database, Classic Music Library, has updated to a new site. It looks great and is very functional. If you have any issues with these databases, please be sure to contact Tom Bickley.

Posted on 05.19.14

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