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Alexander Meiklejohn Exhibit: Home

Display-case exhibit shows the key events in Meiklejohn’s life and philosophy and why Meiklejohn Hall bears his name.

Show Dates and Location

Exhibit Dates: August 31, 2013 - June 15, 2014
Exhibit Location: CSUEB University Library, Hayward Campus, Upper-Mall Elevator Lobby

Exhibit Promotional Statement

Who Was Alexander Meiklejohn?

Why Does Meiklejohn Hall Bear His Name?

Ever wonder about these questions? Well, now is your chance to answer them!

Come to the Upper Mall elevator lobby in the CSUEB Hayward Campus Library and discover why the world-renowned academic - the 93-year-old Meiklejohn - made the trek to the new Hayward Campus to give a speech in 1964.

We guarantee you'll never think about the name "Meiklejohn" the same way again!


Wall Poster for This Exhibit

Exhibit Producer & Guide

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Dick Apple
I am available for meetings in the Library by appointment.

Please contact Library Administration by phone (below), or email me (preferred).
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Exhibit Backstory

This exhibit was created at the urging of Larry Sokolov, a lecturer in the CSUEB History Department.

Having taught hundreds of students in the building that bears Alexander Meiklejohn's name, he was concerned how few - if any - knew who Meiklejohn really was, much less why the building was named in his honor. Sokoloff was aware of Meiklejohn's visit to the new Cal-State College at Hayward back in 1964, and he thought it would be a good time to finally connect the dots for the campus community visiting the Library.

In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of Meiklejohn's CSUH campus speech, the Library produced this exhibit, which was located on the Upper Mall elevator lobby.

- DA


Producers: Richard Apple, Larry Sokolov
Concept and Content Development: Jared Mariconi, Richard Apple
Text and Content: Richard Apple, Jared Mariconi
Poster and Graphic Design: Richard Apple

Copyright 2013-2014 by the CSUEB University Libraries