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Abraham Lincoln - 200 Years Exhibit: Lincoln Lecture February 12, 2009

This exhibit celebrates the 200th birthday of American president Abraham Lincoln.

Promotional Statement for Allied Lecture

In Conjunction with the CSUEB Libraries' Bicentennial Celebration of Lincoln...

Award-Winning Lecturer Gerald Henig to give Lecture on Lincoln

On February 12, 2009, CSUEB Professor Emeritus Gerald Henig will give a free lecture entitled, Lincoln: The Uncommon Common Man, in the Biella Room of the University Library. This special event will be coordinated with a celebration of Lincoln’s 200th birthday here in the Library. Professor Henig is known for his dynamic lecture style, and is the recipient of numerous “Best Instructor” awards over his 39 years of teaching at CSUEB. He has authored numerous books and articles on Lincoln and the Civil War.

Poster for this Allied Lincoln Event

Lecture Backstory

Dr. Henig is a professor emeritus of the CSUEB History Department, and one of the most popular teachers and speakers the campus has ever produced.

This became evident when the crowd that gathered to see Dr. Henig quickly overflowed the Biella Room the day of the event. Library staff had to scramble to bring in more chairs, and even open exit doors so folks standing outside could at least hear the lecture.


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