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Articles (Research Databases)

American Institute of Physics Journals Online (Scitation) go! Available Online

Database with journal articles from AIP and a few other society publishers.

American Physical Society Online Journals go!

APS online journals, including the Physical Review titles. go! info

A database of articles (pre- and post-print) primarily from physics, but also growing in astronomy, mathematics, quantitative biology, and statistics.

ScienceDirect go! Available Online

Database of full-text Elsevier journal articles.

SpringerLink go!

High-quality STEM journals, book series, books, reference works, and an Online Archives Collection.

Web of Science (Science Citation Index) go! Available Online

This is the largest science literature database we have for finding peer-reviewed journal articles. Also, Web of Science has a “Cited Reference Search” that allows you to search for other articles that have cited a previous article (very helpful when you are doing a literature review).

Wiley Online Library go! Available Online

Database of full-text Wiley journal articles and reference books.

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