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Human Development


Cultural Nature of Human Development go! Available Online Available in Print

The Cultural Nature of Human Development presents an account of human development that looks at both the differences and similarities among cultures. More »

Doing a literature review in health and social care go! info Available Online

“This book is a step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in health and social care. More »

Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents and the Media go! Available in Print

From Internet censorship to sex and violence on television and in video games to debates over rock lyrics, the effect of media on children and adolescents is one of the most widely debated issues in our society. More »

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society go! Available Online

“Edited by O’Brien (sociology, Seattle Univ.), this work contains contributions from almost 300 international scholars on many aspects of gender as it relates to society and on society as it relates to gender. More »

Encyclopedia of Health and Aging go! Available Online

“Edited by the founder of the Journal on Aging and Health, this encyclopedia contains more than 200 A–Z entries on a broad range of topics related to health and aging. More »

Encyclopedia of Sociology go! Available Online Available in Print

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology go! Available Online Available in Print

“This single-volume, accessible resource covers the entire spectrum of psychology, including: notable people, theories and terms; landmark case studies and experiments; applications of psychology in advertising, medicine and sports; and career information.”

Handbook of Girls’ and Women’s Psychological Health go! Available Online

“This book integrates the role of gender in girls’ and women’s development across the life span, looking specifically at internal and external vulnerabilities and risks, and the protective or supportive factors that facilitate effective coping, positive growth, strength, and resilience.”

Research with children: Perspectives and practices go! Available Online

“Leading and new researchers within the social studies of childhood discuss central questions of epistemology and methodology, demonstrating the links between theory and practice. More »

Understanding Early Childhood: Issues and Controversies go! Available Online

“Drawing on research evidence from various countries and reviewing studies about children from different disciplines – including anthropology, economics, history, psychology and sociology More »

Urban Education: A Reference Handbook go! Available Online

“A comprehensive look at urban schools, using history as a lens for coming to grips with present-day social, political, legal, and economic realities reflected in our urban education system.”

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