Industry Research on the Web
by Judith Faust

The following resources are arranged to follow search strategy considerations, so they are grouped by the type of information provided. Some of the resources may be repeated (but with different instructions or descriptions) since they are useful in various contexts. You will notice there is a mix of both links to web pages which provide free information and links to fee-based databases (marked CSUEB) which can only be accessed by currently enrolled CSUEB students.

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Many industry information sources organize their information according to a classification system developed by the U. S. Government known as the SIC or Standard Industrical Classification system. A newer classification system has been developed in conjunction with Canada and Mexico called NAICS or North American Industry Classification System. It takes into account technological and service-oriented businesses, and provides for greater levels of detail. Most information sources currently use the SIC codes, but will be changing over to NAICS eventually.

Industry Classification

SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) To determine your company's SIC code, link here.

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) To determine your company's NAICS code, link to this web site and use the correspondence tables to link to "SIC to NAICS."

Industry Overviews

Business Source Premier - CSUEB Only
Do a search for your industry, then look in left column for Industry Profiles.

Industry Statistics

Factiva- CSUEB Only
Within your company profile, scroll down to Comparison Reports to compare your company to its industry. The reports include stock performance, industry ratios, and other financial information.

Current Industrial Reports - The Bureau of the Census compiles quarterly or annual reports on manufacturing sectors

Manufacturing Statistics

Industry News

Factiva- CSUEB Only
Search by Industry using Factiva Intelligent Indexing on the home page for news and reports.

EconLit - CSUEB Only
Enter the industry name and specific terms you wish to explore, such as "automobile industry and market share."

Enter the name of the industry you wish to research, and specific terms you wish to explore.

Industry Week
This journal presents select articles in full text from its current edition and allows access to its archives.
Special feature: IW 1000 is a searchable report on the world’s 1000 largest publicly held manufacturing companies.

Collections of Links

Industry Research Desk
Links to major sites providing industry data, to industry home pages and an outline on how to find information about an industry. Developed by Polson Enterprises Research Service.


Industry Research Desk - This tutorial teaches you how to learn about an industry or a specific company in 14 distinct steps.

Last updated on: 08/13/2009
Author: Judith Faust, with assistance from Amelie Brown.

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