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Embed a Films on Demand Video in Blackboard

Video instructions.

The library’s Films on Demand database contains over 6,000 educational videos that can be embedded directly into blackboard courses.  To do this,

1.  Locate a title you wish to use in the Films on Demand Database.

2.  Just under the video you want to add to Blackboard, find the “embed this video” link.

3.  Copy the embed code that appears.

4.  In your Blackboard course, select Course Materials from the left side navigation menu.

5.  Select Build Content–Create Item.

6.  Turn the Text Editor slider to the off position.

7.  Paste the embed code into the blank text box.

8.  Click the Submit button.

9.   The video will now appear and play within Blackboard.

Last Updated 11.03.11

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