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Borrow a Laptop

For a few hours

Stop by the Media Resources and Reserves Desk on the upper mall (2nd floor) of the Hayward campus library and present your student/faculty/staff CSUEB ID. All laptops are loaded with the Microsoft Office suite of programs and can access the campus wireless network.

Current loan periods for laptops are 4 hours. However, please return all laptops to the MRR desk at least one full hour before closing.

For a quarter

Determination of Eligibility

The screening of eligibility is done through the Financial Aid office and is based on the following criteria:

  • is an undergraduate financial aid student who is carrying a minimum of 12 units
  • the student has maxed out his or her traditional avenues of financial aid
  • the student has an expected family contribution of $0.00

An email is sent to eligible students around the first week of classes.

Checkout Procedure

Laptops are checked out on a first-come first-served basis. If you have received an eligibility email, call 510-885-4152 to set up an appointment.

On the day of appointment come to the Learning Commons (located in the Lower Mall of the Library) along with a copy of the email that you have received and a CSUEB ID.

Last Updated 05.01.08

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