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Hidden Gems of the CSUEB Campus Exhibit: Home

Playful 24-panel wall exhibit seeks to answer numerous obvious – and often odd – questions about the CSUEB campus and its history. It also served as prototype for the 2015 Little-Known Facts About Your CSUEB Campus Exhibit.

Show Dates and Location

Dates: September 1, 2011 - February 1, 2012

Location: CSUEB University Library, Hayward Campus, Lower- and Upper-Mall 

Exhibit Promotional Statement

New Exhibit Answers to Questions About Your Campus

Produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Hayward Hills campus of the current CSUEB (then known as California State College at Hayward when it opened for classes here in 1962), this new, playful 22-panel wall exhibit seeks to answer numerous obvious – and often odd – questions about our campus and its history: Who was Arnold Biella? What was the Highlands Playhouse? Who was the First Campus Mascot? Who was E. Guy Warren?

Come by the Library and prepare to be both informed and entertained: Did you know, for example, that Ron Howard’s film crew ravaged the Library courtyard to look like a student protest from the ‘60s, when it shot George Lucas' sequel to American Graffiti in 1978? Do you know the original (working) title of the movie?

Wall Posters for This Exhibit

Unique Role of This Library Exhibit

What Role Did the Hidden Gems Exhibit Play in Creating Later Exhibits?

Fast forward from the 2011 Hidden Gems production, to 2015, and we find the recently formed Library Exhibits Committee wanting to create an exhibit that calls attention to both (1) the little-known aspects of the campus and its history, and (2) the types of holdings we have in our archives that might allow others to undertake fresh research in these areas.

CSUEB Librarian Diana Wakimoto quickly saw the deficiency in both the framing of the old exhibit's title, and in the questions from the 2011 Hidden Gems project. Her suggestion was for us to take the essence of this older exhibit, and refine it so that the message would be more concise and immediately engaging: e.g., instead of vaguely (and perhaps inappropriately) calling the stories "Hidden Gems," we should call them what they really are: "Little-Known Facts."

Further, for an older graphic panel that asks "Who Was Karl Robinson?," we should change its focus by asking instead, "Where Did Robinson Hall Get Its Name?"

In this vein, we chose to re-edit the stories and limit the sheer number of panels and questions to those most likely to elicit immediate interest among student viewers within the library. Exhibits Committee member Jared Mariconi had the brilliant idea to also present our campus history in a timeline format - so we also adapted many of the graphics and textual elements from the Celebrating 50 Years Exhibit and created a new, 35-foot long Campus Timeline to complete the new exhibit package.

Thus, the 2011 Hidden Gems of the CSUEB Campus Exhibit  and the 2007 CSUEB: Celebrating 50 Years exhibits have become part of an evolving exhibit-creation and improvement process that may portend even more interesting topics in the future! Stay tuned.

- DA

Exhibit Producer & Guide

Diana Wakimoto's picture
Diana Wakimoto
Fall Semester 2018
Feel free to email to schedule an appointment!

Note: I will be on leave starting approximately around Oct. 17th; after this time, please contact Jeffra Bussmann if you have biology research questions

Office: LI 2128
(Lower Mall of Library, walk in, turn right, & you will literally run into my office door)
Subjects:Biology, History

Exhibit Backstory

How Did This Exhibit Come About?

Hidden Gems of the CSUEB  was the 2011 brain-child of then-University Librarian Linda Dobb.

When new to CSUEB, Dobb felt that there were numerous stories floating around campus just beneath the level of general awareness, and only hinted at by things like the names of roads (Harder, Carlos Bee), or commemorative plaques (In honor of Ted Pelatowski, Donald Strong, and at the "Senior Court" - itself an unexplained oddity in the greater campus consciousness).

So we set about identifying and collecting as many of these "factoids" as possible, tried to gather appropriate graphics, and give some substance to the stories.

- DA


Producers: Richard Apple, Linda Dobb
Concept, Text, and Content Development: Linda Dobb, Richard Apple
Posters and Graphic Design: Richard Apple

Copyright 2011 by the CSUEB University Libraries