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Abraham Lincoln – 200 Years – A Presidential Legacy for the Ages

A. Lincoln – 200 Years: A Presidential Legacy for the Ages

From February 12, through Spring Quarter 2009, the University Library is celebrating Lincoln’s presidential legacy in honor of his 200th birthday.

As many already know, Lincoln’s legacy extends to the present day, his most newsworthy contemporary influence being on the new American president, Barack Obama.

Obama’s reverence for Lincoln has been well-documented in recent months in Time, Newsweek, and other publications, and parallels between Obama’s and Lincoln’s times and personal characters have abounded.

Stop by the Library to browse the various books on Lincolnin our stacks, or to view materials in display cases on the LM and UM Levels of the Library (i.e., first and second floors, respectively).

So please join us in celebrating a truly historic birthday for President Lincoln – one which coincided with the equally historic inauguration of President Obama.

Posted on 01.16.09

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