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Artist’s Books: An Overview

Artists’ Books:
An Overview

Exhibit Dates:
February 2008 – April 2008

Simply put, an Artist’s Book is a work of Art in the book form just like other art works take the form of an oil painting or metal sculpture for example. When an artist decides to make an Artist’s Book, generally s/he gives consideration not only to the text and images, but also to the specific binding, materials, sequence of pages, and overall reading experience.

For this exhibit, Professor Michael Henninger – who teaches courses in the art of the book at CSUEB – shows several examples of Artists’ Books from the University Library’s Special Collections – books which are created primarily as a form of artistic expression. First in a series of exhibits on the subject that will be forthcoing in future months.

Here at CSUEB we are lucky to have a wonderful collection of Artist’s Books in the Library’s Floyd R. Erickson Special Collections Room. These are available for use in instruction and research by faculty and students. Additionally, if you would like to learn to make your own Artist’s Books, consider taking the class ART 1121 – Introduction to Bookmaking.

Located in the Upper Mall (UM) Lobby area, and just outside the elevator.

Posted on 03.07.08

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