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Apple, Richard

Exhibit Producer/Coordinatorrjapple-gravatar

Fax: (510) 885-2049
Location:Hayward Campus Library
Office: LI 3134

Current Responsibilities:
Produces and coordinates Library exhibits and media services

M.A., History and Media Production, California State University, Hayward
B.A., History, California State University, Hayward



The most recent library exhibits in which I’ve had a hand, can be found on the Library’s Current Exhibits page; earlier productions are accessible on the Library’s Past Exhibits page.

NOTE: These are new pages (in the LibGuides CMS format) that are currently being created, and they will eventually supplant older entries that currently appear directly on the Library website under a different Exhibits page format. The new LibGuides pages will be going into far more detail about each exhibit, and will eventually include full-text of each display as well.

Media Productions and Web Sites:

Here are a few productions from recent years that I created.

The CSUEB University Library Looks to the Future. Video showing the importance of the University Library to the CSUEB’s success. It also outlines some of the challenges to the library’s specific mission, offering some solutions to address these needs in the future. Producer/director. 2009.

Jewett Bubar: Movie Palace and Landscape Artist, 1900-1968. Web site focusing on the life and work of a San Francisco-based commercial artist in the first half of the 20th century, whose career was coterminous with the growth of the large theatre chains and movie palaces of the times. Producer/designer. 2004. [NOTE: This site is due for a complete makeover in 2016 – please check back early next year]

The Fox Theatre, San Francisco. Web site dedicated to the historic Fox Theatre – regarded by many as the most sumptuous movie palace ever built. It seated 5,000 and was completed just before the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression. It was demolished in 1963 despite one of the earliest organized attempts at urban preservation. Producer/designer. 2003. [NOTE: This site is due for a complete makeover in 2016 – please check back early next year]

The Jensen History Collection. Web site and related exhibit, highlighting the local and family history of the pioneering Eric and Jens Jensen family of Castro Valley. Producer/designer. 1998.

Sufism: The Inward Journey. 35mm multi-screen slide production outlining the historical development of Sufism as a social and religious tradition within Islam. 40 minutes. 1980.

This Enemy: The Japanese American Experience to 1945. Video production dealing with the multi generational (Issei, Nisei, Sansei) experiences of American citizens of Japanese ancestry, both before and during World War II. Focuses on the Japanese American internment. Producer/writer/director. 60 minutes. 1977.


Posted on 02.16.08

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