Company Research on the Web
by Judith Faust

The following resources are arranged to follow search strategy considerations, so they are grouped by the type of information provided. Some of the resources may be repeated (but with different instructions or descriptions) since they are useful in various contexts. You will notice there is a mix of both links to web pages which provide free information and links to fee-based databases (marked CSUEB) which can only be accessed by currently enrolled CSUEB students. If currently enrolled students have trouble connecting to these databases through this website, go to the Library home page and use the Databases A-Z.

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Public or Private? Subsidiary or Parent?

Look at Directories to find out if your company is publicly or privately owned, or whether it is a subsidiary or parent corporation. This information will help you to plan your research based on the availability of information. Directories may also provide basic information such as address, phone number, key executives, ticker symbols, SIC or NAICS codes, and web site URLs.

Publicly-held companies that sell stocks to the public must report financial information to the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as to their stockholders.
of publicly-held companies often provide minimal information in the parent company's annual report.
Private companies
are not required to file financial statements with the government, and it is much more difficult to find information on them. Your primary sources of information on private companies will be directories (general and industry-specific), and periodical databases.


Hoover's Company Records- CSUEB Only
Provides basic information, general and financial, on over 14,000 companies. Links to company websites, news, etc.

CorpTech Database of High-Tech Companies A source for research on America's 50,000 high-tech companies, private and public.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers Access to the products and services of 155,000 manufacturing companies

Corporate Information Search for over 350,000 profiles from companies around the world by name or ticker symbol. Browse listings for specific countries. Follow links that offer information organized by countries and regions of the world. Find explanations of company extensions, i.e. GmbH .

Allows you to search their website of 1.9 Million companies in 75 countries - must register (free) to access further information beyond company name and location.

Europages, the European Business Directory A catalog of 550,000 companies in over 35 European countries.

Financial Information

EDGAR (Securities and Exchange Commission) Free access to 10 K's, 10 Q's, proxies and other financial disclosure documents filed electronically with the agency.

Factiva- CSUEB Only
Click on the Company/Markets tab, then enter company name or ticker symbol to get to a company profile. Besure to scroll down to the Reports box for a Financial Snapshot or Financial Profile, and the Comparison Report is invaluable for comparing your company to its industry.

SEDAR Web site provides annual reports for Canadian companies in English & French. Most reports are in .pdf format, although some are in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.

CAROL, free access to company annual reports on-line, including companies in the UK, Asia and Europe.

Online Annual Report Service - View or download Annual Reports of close to 2,000 publicly held companies.Order free Annual Reports of over 3,600 companies from Public Register.

Company News

Factiva - CSUEB Only
You may scroll down in the company profile for the latest news on your company, or you may search the extensive full-text database of over 6000 news and business publications, including the full-text of the Wall Street Journal, by using the free text search box - be sure to look at their link to examples to the left of the search box.

Find information on 60,000+ companies, and such topics as advertising, marketing, human resources, computer information systems, telecommunications, and more in this premier business and management database of over 1000 journals.

Business Journals on the Web - Links from Brint to online business journals and magazines.

- Search the full-text of the Web editions of 42 U.S. regional business journals, such as the San Francisco Business Times, San Jose Business Journal, etc.

Collections of Links - (A Business Researcher's Interests) Links to business, information technology and knowledge management topics.

Last updated on: 08/13/2009
Author: Judith Faust, with assistance from Amelie Brown

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