Ship from the Xantung Map

About the Decoration of the Novus Atlas Sinensis

With the publication of the Atlas Sinensis, a new type of decoration arose. The title, instead of being enclosed within interlacing strapwork ornament, was now surrounded by large figures depicting the costume of the area shown intermingled with various products of the same.

Huquang Map Cartouche
Cartouche from the map of Huquang Province

Embellishments in the map itself were rendered far less prominent or discarded altogether, decoration being confined to the large plaque or cartouche containing the title of the map.

Iunnan Map Scale and Statue
Scale of miles from the map of Iunnan Province

Sometimes an exeception was made for the scale of miles, this also being treated pictorially, as in Van Loon's map of China.

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Novus Atlas Sinensis


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