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What are the Archives?

The University Archives Collection represents the documentary record of the University's history, including the legislation mandating the establishment of a state college in Alameda County and the creation of the State College system. University Archives includes collections which follow the operational structure established by the University President. This includes the Office of the President, Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs, Student Affairs, Colleges and Departments. The University Archives contains original brochures, budgets, catalogs, schedules, directories , handbooks, letters, magazines, minutes, posters, press releases, programs, photographs, publications, reports, statistics, and yearbooks, as well as miscellaneous materials and artifacts. This collection illustrates the continuing transformation of the University since its founding.

This collection is non-circulating and users must agree to follow rules governing the use of University Archives materials. University Archives is currently available Monday - Friday by appointment only, during regular (day time) library hours.

If you or your department have additional materials relating to sporting or other events, Archives would like to speak with you.
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