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A Special Moment for the
CSUEB University Archives

2007 is a banner year for California State University, East Bay. We are celebrating 50 years - a full half-century - of excellence in providing accessible higher education to the Bay Area. For those of us who have been with the University a good portion of that time, this is a moment to pause and take stock of just what has been accomplished in this span of time.

The CSUEB Archives, housed in the University Library on the Hayward Campus, is the repository for numerous items pertaining to the history of the campus. It includes such things as presidential papers, minutes of the Academic Senate, internal materials of the old Instructional Media Center (IMC), the Library itself, and even the preliminary studies into site selection for the proposed campus (from the mid 1950's - did you know there were several sites under consideration, from the yet-to-be formed city of Fremont, to Pleasanton, and many spots in between?).

As the custodian of the University Archives at the moment, and as 42-year veteran of the campus, I am especially excited about the potential the Archives now present us, as we continue to document CSUEB's rich history. Please browse the new Archives pages presented here, and let us know if you have any materials, or personal reminiscences you would be willing to contribute!

So just who was the first University mascot? And how did Pioneer Pete come about?

Curiously, the University radically switched mascots - both representing pioneers - at some time between 1965 and 1975 or so. The first "Pioneer" was inspired by the very early Pioneer space program - an unmanned precursor to the first manned programs (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo). It was also fitting at a time when optimism about President Kennedy's New Frontier vision was at its peak, in the months before his assassination.

As researchers pore over our materials for the University's 50th anniversary in the coming months, perhaps the answer will become clear. If and when that happens, we'll include the results here. The University Archives are currently a treasure-trove of loosely cataloged historical materials about the University, that should yield all sorts of interesting information for years to come.


Want to solve this mystery or find out information about the University?

If you are interested in researching this, or other aspects of the University's history, you can make an appointment to preview the materials in Archives, and obtain clearance to work there.


If you or your department have additional materials relating to sporting or other events, Archives would like to speak with you.
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