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Page Title: 50th Anniversary Highlights

Image of large crowd at campus groundbreaking in Hayward Hills - february 1961

Video and Audio Holdings in the University Archives

Among the many print and graphic documents that have been collected in the Archives, one can also find numerous video and audio materials that document the university's history. In celebration of CSUEB's first fifty years, the University Libraries are including links to various materials that are stored in Archives. Please browse the linked Archive pages here to get an idea of what is currently available to researchers.


Unique Materials Illustrate History of the Campus - 1964 KRON documentary shows
"birth" of the campus

The Birth of a College, is a 1964 production of KRON-TV that outlines the early history of Cal-State College at Hayward. Interesting not only for the historical, visual and other information surrounding the campus, but also for what it displays of the documentary production style of the era.
Thanks to KRON for streaming permissions, and CSUEB's own Materials and Technology Services (MATS) folks for encoding this material
1mbps.wmv link; 256k.wmv link

Image of earthmover terracing the hayward hillsides to prepare for new campus in 1962

1979 Interview with the
University's First President

Interview with Fred Harcleroad - 1979. A conversation with Dr. Fred F. Harcleroad only 12 years after his retirement as college president. This unedited video footage was produced by students in the CSUH's History and Media Masters' program.

1mbps.wmv link; 256k.wmv link

See Cal-State's First
Basketball Team in Action!

On February 3, 2007, members of the first Cal-State basketball team were honored at the campus Homecoming Game. Also in attendance was former Head Coach Bill Vandenburg. Believe it or not, now you can to see our earliest team in action. For decades, the former IMC (Instructional Media Center) preserved reels of 16mm film recordings of some CSUH sporting events. Unedited (no audio) footage from the following games can be accessed using the links below:

1961-62 Basketball Season:

Cal-State vs. San Francisco State
1mbps.wmv link; 256k.wmv link

Cal-State vs. UC Davis

Image of men's basketball game in 1962

Image of Coach Bill Vandenburg
Image of men's basketball game in 1961 from school yearbook

Early Publications

During the course of the 50th Anniversary Year, we'll be scanning selected publications from various university sources that have appeared over the years.Here you can read one of the first official catalogs for the then-State College for Alameda County:

Image of 1959-1960 college catalog cover

25th Anniversary Brochure

Much of what is being celebrated this 50th Anniversary year, was also reviewed in the 25th Anniversary brochure that the University produced back in 1982.

This little booklet provides a clear overview of the campus and its history, and includes numerous great photographs:

Image of 25th Anniversary Publication cover



If you or your department have additional materials relating to sporting or other events, Archives would like to speak with you.
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