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Exploration & Discovery: The Henry H. Hart Collection Exhibit: Lantern Slides - List page 7

A major Library exhibit that ran between September 2013 and March 2014, highlighting the papers of Henry H. Hart within the Special Collections of the University Libraries.

Curator's List of Lantern Slides - Page 7

Lantern Slides - Curator's list page 7, nos. 142-152c - (right-click to View Images)

142. Spirit road to Ming tombs

143. Guardian qilin along road to Ming tombs

144. Guardian official on road to Ming tombs

145. Spirit road arches on road to Ming tombs

146. Station on road to Ming tombs

147. Station on road to Ming tombs, Henry Hart under umbrella

148. Entrance to Ming tombs

149. Entrance to arch, Ming tombs

150. Gate to Ming tombs

151. Marble column huabiao on road to Ming tombs

152. Stone elephants on road to Ming tombs

152a. Five gate arch, Ming tombs

152b. Three gate arch, Ming tombs

152c. Three gate arch in Center??? Park

Lantern Slides - Curator's list page 7, nos. 153-171 - (right-click to View Images)

153. On the road to the Great Wall

154. Mule pack en route to the Great Wall

155. Carpet vendor at a low gate

156. Great Wall through a low gate

157. Bell tower en route to GW

158. Great Wall

159. Great Wall

160. Great Wall

161. Great Wall through watch tower

162. Gate tower on the Great Wall

163. Keep atop Great Wall

164. Guard on top of Great Wall

165. Mule drawing water from well

166. Great Wall

167. Inside the Great Wall

168. Desert outside the Great Wall (cracked?)

169. Circular Chinese farm houses

170. Farmer carrying paddy (cracked)

171. Thatch hut