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Exploration & Discovery: The Henry H. Hart Collection Exhibit: Lantern Slides - List page 4

A major Library exhibit that ran between September 2013 and March 2014, highlighting the papers of Henry H. Hart within the Special Collections of the University Libraries.

Curator's List of Lantern Slides - Page 4

Lantern Slides - Curator's list page 4, nos. 83-92i - (right-click to View Images)

83. Gateway to summer palace

84. Stone ship built with navy funds

85. Lake side scene

86. Mountain of longevity

86a. Winter palace

87. View from hill

88. Long veranda (painted walk way)

89. View from outside the wall

90. View of white pagoda

91. Bronze cow

92. View of white pagoda

92a. Summer palace hall

92b. Henry Hart in arch

92c. Stone in arch

92d. Summer palace hall

92e. Summer palace building

92f. Camel back bridge

92g. Camel back bridge

92h. Camel back bridge

92i. Camel back bridge